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♫ and JE fanfics ♫
Fanfic: My bittersweet Voyage (5/?) 
9th-Oct-2010 06:21 pm
green ryo-chan

Title: My bittersweet Voyage
Chapter: [5/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/RyoPi
Genre: romance, drama
A/N: wow, my first NEWS-Fic ever xD I hope it's worth reading it and I didn't wrote to much twisted sentences
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Tegoshi Ryo-chan are heck over heels in love when Pi realizes that he isn't as happy about this fact as he tries to make himself believe. Wrote from Pi's POV
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

sorry it took me so long v__v





Chapter 5

When I think of the 3 worst moments in my life the first thing which comes to my mind is the moment when I heard from Ryo-chan that his finger was broken. I was really shocked back then. The second moment was when my Mom told me about the real story behind the question “Where do the babies come from?” And the third and of course most worst moment in my life lasted exactly two hours, advertisement gaps inclusive and was the day after I had my more or less quarrel with Ryo-chan. After the rehearsal I’ve never thought that the next day would top my worst-moment-list. But it did. It really did, with such a brutally punch it beat away the babies and Ryo’s finger, that I really feared afterwards that it has all been just a really unfunny nightmare.

The rehearsal first was more or less confusing. I’ve never heard of a music show in which you have to punch your band members in order to be allowed to sing your own few lines. Of course during the rehearsal we shouldn’t really punch each other, it was just literally. We all got boxing gloves and mouthpieces and stood in this big boxing ring just in Shorts. I really imagined that very moment the guest going “Kyaaa~” over our half-naked bodies the next day.

Then the bell rang and we were supposed to act like we were fighting hard in order to get to the microphone which hung down from the ceiling. It was all pretty easy and not so serious. We laughed at ourselves as we stumbled and fell over each other when we jumped up to reach the microphone.

But then, the next day when we arrived for the real show, the big surprise was announced. I think all of us were shocked from the bottom of our hearts.

With a big wide smile the Producer told us, that today we should punch each other with all power we have, in order to let it look real in front of the cameras. I remember Koyama’s scared question: “Isn’t that too macabre too be shown on TV…?” And Ryo has added: “You gonna be kidding me! That’s illegal, isn’t it?”

The producer just laughed, shook his head and left without a word. Of course we ran to our manager-san bombarding him with fearful and unbelieving demands: “Please tell us this is just a joke!” I said and Massu nodded with his red boxing gloves already on. Tegoshi stood near Ryo-chan, clinging onto his arm. “I don’t wanna beat NEWS…” he said in a whiny voice and looked fearful into the round. “You’re my senpai’s after all!”

Shige bristled in amusement. “Since when do you care about Senpai-Kouhai-hierarchy?”

“Since a moment ago!” Tegoshi affirmed and Ryo chuckled. “You love to turn things as you wish for your advantage, ne~” he said in a soft voice as he tousled through Tegoshi’s hair. I looked away on purpose and I noticed Kei-chan watching me. He paid close attention to me and I knew he sensed something with his NEWS-member-ai-is-in-trouble-radar. But I wasn’t in the mood to discuss with him or even let him convince me that it might be better if I say what’s on my mind. So I acted like I wouldn’t sense his gaze. Luckily Shige didn’t stop teasing Tegoshi. “You’re just saying that because you fear we would beat you up.” He said with his evil Shige-grin wich made everyone get goose bumps. “You wouldn’t have a chance against us with your skinny arms.” It seemed as he hit the nail right on the head and Tegoshi made a face as if his favourite cereal pops were sold out.

“Oh, Shige come on.” Ryo said while rolling his eyes and with a slightly annoyed face. “You’re having a big mouth right now, but if we’re really gonna box against each other you’ll hide behind Koyama who’ll preach to not be serious with you because you’re defenceless after all. It’ll be exactly like every other time you open your fat mouth. All hat and no cattle.”

“Oooy, be friendly!” Koyama tried to soothe them. “Be fond of each other, right now!”

“I don’t even think about it.” Ryo said defiantly with a little squeal. “He started picking on Tegoshi.”

“Yeah, and you’re acting like a child with bullying him.” I said and knew Ryo wouldn’t argue back. He never did when I was about to step into one of his fights. I knew it was kind of nasty to press home my advantage of our yearlong friendship against him. Ryo stared at me in silence and in his eyes was this serious look which gave me goose bumps. He rarely stared at me like that. I knew he wasn’t able to make head or tail of me – the first time in ages. And it made me sad. But I didn’t want to show him, so I just glanced back with my emotionless poker-face I had to learn for ‘Kurosagi’. It felt like it would kill me to look at Ryo like that.

“Minna-san, get ready.” One of the Staff-san told us. “We’re starting in 5 minutes.”

Ryo and I stared at each other for a few seconds, till we silently broke off the eye-contact exactly the same moment.

“Oh shit, they’re serious about the boxing-match…” Massu said and drooped. Tesshi patted him in sympathy. He didn’t looked happy as well.

“Maah, guess we have to do this…ne?” I said in a low voice. Koyama looked at me in worry.

Well, what should I have done?

“One day I will kill Johnny-san for this...” I heard Shige mumble as he walked behind me, as well as I noticed that I was the one going ahead. “Hey!” I squealed and looked reproachfully at Koyama.

“Don’t worry, Pi-chan.” He smiled awfully. “We’re right behind you.”

I moaned. At least from Koyama I expected some kind of loyalty. But he pushed me ahead, though he probably knew we all felt the same about this boxing-match.

The staff-san gave each of us a pair of boxing gloves, each pair in the color of the person it presents. Shige’s were green, Massu’s orange, Tegoshi’s of course were the pink one’s, Ryo’s were blue, Koyama’s yellow and mine red.

We wore shorts in the same colors, with black coats above. I guess we all believed this a dream until the countdown showed up, the audience started to scream and our names were announced. No turning back. We had to do this. I hoped our salaries would have a nice bonus this month.


“Argh, fuck! Ryo-chan you really shouldn’t have punched him that hard!” Koyama claimed and put a pack of ice on Shige’s head. He had a nice bruise at his forehead, a swollen eye and a bursted lip. I guess we all didn’t look that much better. But Shige looked worst. I guess we should have known that Ryo’s favourite target would be Shige. Maybe it should have been my duties to interrupt when Shige and Ryo ended up in a bunch of boxing arms and legs, but Tegoshi thought he could sing my part when I was fighting with Massu, so we were all very busy defending ourselves against...well...ourselves.

Koyama now cared for his beloved Shige, Massu refilled his energy with food and Tegoshi was pouted, because I hit his oh-so-pretty face.

“You’re okay?” Ryo asked in a soft voice and stroked Tegoshi’s cheek. “That was a freaky thing, don’t you think?”

“Nothing is okay! Look! I got a bruise right there!” Tegoshi pointed at his chin. Actually there was really a tiny little point of blue.

“Who did that to you?” Ryo was full of worry, though he had himself a lot of bruises he should take care of. But he didn’t. Of course he did not. Tegoshi was much more important to him.

“Yamapi!” Tegoshi pointed at me with his finger, still a pout on his lips. “On purpose!”

“Of course I did it on purpose!”, I yelled out, losing my last strains of nerves and rolled with my eyes. “This little brat here is totally getting spoiled by you and it really annoys me, Ryo!”

Silence answered me. Shit. Did I really just said that out loud? Kind of scared I raised my eyes and looked at my best friend. He had a completely distant expression. “I see.”, he simply said and crossed his arms. I have to admit that actually fear was raising up within me. I have often argued with Ryo, and we often had not the same opinion. But never the less...He never gave me this look.

“Um...” Tegoshi felt uncomfortable, too, since he knew that something awkward would happen between Ryo and me if nobody would stop his boyfriend from stuffing all the rage he currently held in within. Although my words actually were meant against Tegoshi, he was now the one who helped me, because of course Ryo felt as if I insulted himself.

“Ne, Ryo-tan...?” Tegoshi pulled at his arm his sweetest puppy-eyes on his face. “I’m hungry, Ryo-tan.” No reaction. Ryo still stared me to death. Oh yeah, he really suited his ‘Last Friends’ role...Freaky guy. You know, he had this special gaze which makes you freeze inside. Actually I never knew it was so intense.

“Ryo-taaan!” Tegoshi pulled harder, till Ryo finally cut off the eye-contact and looked at his cute little ‘Tego-nyan” Gosh, I really had a hard time gulping down the evil words which came back onto my tongue.

“Let’s go.” Ryo simply said, his husky voice even more dark.

And without a word he left. Tegoshi followed him like a little toy-poodle, turning his head backwards and shrugging his shoulders. To me it seemed like he was making fun of me. Like ‘Ha, see, deserves you right”

I struggled the desire to throw something terribly heavy at him.

It was half past eleven PM when I got a phone call from Ryo.

Without any greeting I took it up.

“And you are jealous after all.” He said outright, kind of harsh, and before I could answer a thing – not that I had a quite intelligent quick-witted answer in mind – he hung up. I stared in disbelief at the phone in my hand. I wondered whether I should be angry because he was so rude and vengeful or because he still dwelled upon that subject. I really considered for a while calling him back, yelling “I’m not!” and hanging up the same way he did. But that seemed to me rather childish, so I didn’t do anything after all and threw myself into bed. But I laid there for hours restless, staring at the ceiling and listened to my own raving emotions.

And finally, fearfully, I came to a conclusion: “Shit, is he right?”


Chapter 5 deshitaaa

so, after I finally finished my baby "the bet" a while ago I think I have to finish this fic here as well soon. okay, 'soon' is really expandable for me, so I guess I will just do my best and write a bit every now and then when I find the time for it between my studies ^-^

9th-Oct-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
Kyaaaaaa, I really love this a lot <3333333
I can't wait till you continue it BUT..
please take care of your studies and good luck!
Thanks again for this fic <3
11th-Oct-2010 07:38 am (UTC)
aaaw~ thank you so much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate your opinion. Because no matter how I look at it 'my bittersweet voyage' is not as popular as my old fic 'the bet' xDD SO I am really happy for every single comment I get ^___^
I'm glad you like it and you like my writing-style :D I will try my best to satisfy you with the next chapter, which might take me a while because I will start going to university next week, soooo...please be patient, nee~~
take care <3
12th-Oct-2010 05:08 am (UTC)
My pleasure! I really love it a lot, and I'll go check out your other fic 'the bet' I havn't read it yet, but I bet they're both amazing :33♥
Then I'll comment more and more to make you happy :D
Take your tiiiimeeee, and do your best in college :3
I'll be waiting :D
12th-Oct-2010 08:08 pm (UTC)
hehe, of course I can really recommend 'the bet' ;D
no, I hope you'll like it, it's a twist between Ryo, Pi and Tego as well, just a bit more...straightforward I guess ^-^
I really appreciate every single comment. It's the only way to get to know how good or bad my writings are. Though criticism is far more better to get to know your own talents, nee~
I'll try to do my best in college. I'm going to study japanese, so at least I won't suck in motivation xDD
10th-Oct-2010 10:54 am (UTC)
Loovee it!!!
Your writhing style is the best and RyoTego are just too kawai for their own good!!
Looking forward to the next chappy!..hehe...looks like Yamapi is finally noticing his true feelings for The Sexy Osaka man*_*
11th-Oct-2010 07:42 am (UTC)
woah, I just looked at your Icon and went like "Kyaa! MATSUJUN!!" xD isn't it from 'Kimi wa Petto' or am I wrong now?
thank you for your comment ^-^ makes me happy you like it. I will try my best to update soon, but I can't promise it will take me less than a month or two. Hope you'll wait ^-^
Maybe he is, but it would be boring if he would end up with this suggestion too soon. be aware, there will be a few twists and at least 50 cute and funny moments! (ha, I am aiming high again xDD)
11th-Oct-2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
Yep!! That's Momo-chan:X kawai deshou?
Lol...looking forward to all the cute moments you have in mind!
Nah...Don't worry about the time between updates...It doesn't matter the time...I think all us as have a busy life...I know it myself...lol..even if I have the story in mind I get lazy to put in it words:X
Anyway...Great story so far:X...I would have commented on the other chapters also but I just discovered the story:X
12th-Oct-2010 08:18 pm (UTC)
Oh I really adore MatsuJun as Momo. I guess it was the first Dorama of MatsuJun I've watched. I guess his acting there was the reason why I wanted to watch 'Hana Yori Dango' later. Although Momo and Domyouji are quite different (but they're both really cute x3)
I have a lot of cute moments in mind, but I guess it will take me a few more chapters till I all wrote them down xDD so many words but no time to write them down. That's a damn problem -__-*

hehe, I'm glad you discovered it - hands up and a loud 'yaaaay' for Mie's new reader!!! :D
(Deleted comment)
11th-Oct-2010 07:46 am (UTC)
oh, a new account? why? (aah, I wondered xD)
anyway, thank you so much for your comment <3
I will try to update as fast as I can, but I will start university next week and I don't know how busy I will be the first weeks on top of that I will move at the beginning on november, so maybe I will have no internet for a few weeks and *takes a breath* yeah, it will probably take me a while ^-^
so please keep waiting. At least I can promise chapter 6 won't take me over a year like chapter 5 xDD
wishing you the best!! <3
(Deleted comment)
12th-Oct-2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
oh, you mean you regret what you wrote and didn't manage to delete properly? :D
I guess it's a lot of work moving old entries and so on because, okay, I don't use my livejournal that often, but I guess if you really use for years there will be a lot of stuff to read. maaah, poor you >___<

aww, thank you, I hope moving won't affect my studies that much. But I'm really looking forward to living finally on my own. Hopefully I won't get lonely xD
(Deleted comment)
12th-Oct-2010 08:11 pm (UTC)
oh, I see. I guess I would have opened a new journal then as well :3

I will turn 19 in february, but by then I will already have lived alone for around half a year. And my new home will be away from my parents nearly 3 hours away by car.
oh yeah, tego would be fine ;D Though I would like Ryo far more xD I like his sadistic character xDD
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