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Maido Ari~
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [14/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

~ ~





Tegoshi had slept like a baby in Ryo’s arms the whole night. Not even one second he had moved away a bit.

Ryo had to wake him up in the morning so they won’t miss the can to the airport. The next concert was the day after tomorrow, so they had two days off. It was already planned for them to stay over night in a hotel, but they could fill their free time as they wished.

After breakfast they headed off to the airport. This time Tegoshi sat in the front row with the pretence to chat with Massu and Shige, so Kei-chan ended up in the middle between Ryo and Yamapi. The trip only lasted for 20 minutes, but the atmosphere again was icy-cold. Ryo knew Tegoshi’s condition had something to do with Yamapi, after he’d seen the nervous gazes Tegoshi had thrown at Yamapi during breakfast. Though they had promised each other to not pick a quarrel Ryo couldn’t help but accuse Yamapi for being this terrible to Tegoshi.

Poor Kei-chan didn’t know that there was something cooking, when he asked whether they should play a game together. Yamapi and Ryo scotched his idea without batting an eye, before he could take his question back.

When they arrived at the airport Koyama took refuge to his Shige-chan, away those gloomy guys.

“Ne…what did you do to him?” Ryo asked when everybody was out of ear-shot.

Yamapi didn’t even savoured him a gaze. “I did nothing to him.” He answered with an icy-cold voice.

“Of course you did! Holy crap, otherwise he wouldn’t have clung to me that much the whole night.”

“He did what?

Ryo was about to snap back when he paused a second. Then he grinned his killer-smile. Yamapi’s disbelieving, furious and shocked face was a great satisfaction. “He snuggled up to me.”, Ryo finally answered with pleasure. He spoke the words full of consideration and malicious joy. “He seemed pretty upset so I was responsive of his pleas of holding him.” Nobody said teeny-tiny lies aren’t allowed.

Yamapi didn’t reply. He’d thought his confession would give him some points back, but instead ot that Ryo had scored even more. He so had hoped to win back a bit of Tegoshi.

Luckily they didn’t have to wait long for their flight so no awkward conversation between Ryo, Yamapi and Tegoshi could come up. Though Koyama already sensed problems with his member-ai-antennae.

Their flight took nearly an hour and this time Ryo sat between Koyama and Massu; and Shige ended up between Tegoshi and Yamapi. He tried his best to chat with them, but both blocked his passionate efforts to start a conversation. So Shige had to give up and he really wished to just leave this seat to go to the row in front of him where Koyama happily talked with Ryo and Massu.

It was when Shige stood up to go to the toilet, when Yamapi leaned over and poked Tegoshi’s arm gently. The little one twitched and looked at him with his big round puppy-eyes. “Ne, Tesshi…” Yamapi’s face was full of sadness. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to hurt or confuse or insult you. Or whatever my words did to you.” His serious voice and gaze didn’t let Tegoshi doubt his regrets. He suddenly felt sorry for making Yamapi worry about him that much. His face softened and he stretched out his arm to place his warm fingers at Yamapi’s cheeks. “You’re the one who’s hurt now, aren’t you?” Tegoshi asked and gently stroked Yamapi’s fair skin. “You don’t need to.”

“But…” Yamapi took a deep breath. He suffered from Tegoshi’s sudden so loving affection towards him. “But Ryo told me-“

“What did he told you?”

“That you were totally confused and upset this night. And I feel guilty, because I want you to be happy…but I caused the completely opposite.” Yamapi’s disarming forthrightness made Tegoshi’s heartbeat go faster. “Oh, Pi-chan.”, he sighed and didn’t know what else to say. He just let down his fingers from Yamapi’s cheek and gently grabbed whose hand.

“Are you mad at me?”

Tegoshi shook his head, a little smile on his lips. He heard Yamapi breathe out in relief. They stayed like this, nobody made a movement, until Shige came back. And when he finally again said down between them, Yamapi could see that Tegoshi bit his lip with a cute smile and looked at his hands, as if he couldn’t believe they were holding Yamapi’s ones. And Yamapi got the feeling that he had scored a tiny point back to his side.


They decided to eat outside of the hotel this evening. They were in Osaka, starting today for 5 days and had a lot of free time. Ryo was rather happy to be ‘home’. He had missed his beloved Osaka so much and had already made his plans to show Tegoshi his favourite places. He never once before had done this though they had often stayed here in Osaka as NEWS.

“Will we meet up at 8pm at the station and then look for a good restaurant?” Koyama asked when they were out of the airport. “Shige and I would like to go around and look here and there for some nice things.”

“And shots.” Shige added and held up his camera with a happy grin.

“I wanna go shopping!” Massu said, and both Ryo and Yamapi looked at Tegoshi, who wasn’t sure what exactly he wanted to do. He stayed silent while Koyama and Shige already left. “Mmmh…” he made and gave a shrug. Ryo grinned and opened his mouth, but Yamapi was faster. “We’ve already made plans for the thing, deshou?”

“Which thing?” Ryo asked with narrowed eyebrows as he noticed Tegoshi’s surprised face when Yamapi had said that.

“Secret. Ne, Tesshi?”

Tegoshi just nodded innocently and didn’t know why, but it made him happy that Yamapi wanted to spend his time with him.

“Perfect!” Massu patted Ryo’s back. “So you can come with me and show me the best shopping malls!”

“As if you would buy your clothes in a normal shop.” Ryo mumbled gloomy and was dragged away by a happy Massu.

“So” Yamapi smiled and clapped his hands together. “What do you want to do?”

Tegoshi curiously looked at him. “Did you plan this?”

“I though of doing this last night, but I didn’t know if I would really try it, nor that it would work.”

“You’re far more evil than I thought.” Tegoshi laughed jokingly. Yamapi’s sudden serious face made him shut up.

“You don’t even know rudimentary how evil I really am.”

Silence. A sheepishly Tegoshi. And then Yamapi burst out into laughter. “You’re face is prizeless!” He chuckled and the tousled through Tegoshi’s hair with a peaceful smile. “Don’t look so scared. I swear, I’m the nicest person you know. At least I’m the nicest when it comes to you.” He poked Tegoshi’s blushed nose gently.


“Isn’t it obvious?”

Tegoshi shook his head, Yamapi chuckled. “You’re far too innocent, Tesshi. I’ve already told you why.” Yamapi looked deeply into Tegoshi’s puppy eyes. “Because I really like you. And I feel much better now it’s out.” Yamapi said happily. His smiling face made Tegoshi feel good, though the reason why rose a sting of unease inside him. Stupid you! Tegoshi scolded himself. Shouldn’t you be happy as well? The thing you so wished finally came true and you’re so…unsure…HE said he loves me. I so longed for this day to come true. But why can’t I smile about it with my whole heart? I really want Yamapi to be with me. I love him…Don’t I…?

“Come on.” Yamapi said and pulled Tegoshi out of his burdensome thoughts. “Let’s go.” He grabbed Tegoshi’s hand and went ahead. Tegoshi uncertainly followed, looking at their intertwined fingers. The warmth of Yamapi’s hand felt food. It really did.

They went through the city without any special place they wanted to go to. Just when Tegoshi wondered whether they would start to talk some time, Yamapi screamed and jumped, let go of his hand and hopped away. Tegoshi stood there, blinking in surprise and stared at the empty space in front of him where Yamapi has been just a second ago.

“Woah, Bloody Mary’s Shit!! Look at this!”

Tegoshi turned around and found Yamapi standing in front of a candy-shop. “Cotton Candy!!” he shouted with shining, twinkling eyes and a bright childish smile. “I love it!”

Tegoshi chuckled. He has never seen Yamapi so happy before.

“Oh no…” Yamapi let out a sudden whimper. “Yabai…”

“What is it?”

Yamapi turned around to look at Tegoshi. His face was a heartbreakingly pout. “No money…Would have been too good it I would’ve gotten some.” He sighed.

“Aww~!” Tegoshi made, got out his purse and went to the candy-shop.  “Two Cotton Candy’s please.”

“Hai, just a moment, ne~”

“Eh?” Yamapi watched Tegoshi in disbelief. “You really don’t need to do that. It shouldn’t mean that I want you to buy me some.”

“But I want to - Oh, thanks a lot.” Tegoshi took the Cotton Candy from the shop-owner and gave one to Yamapi, who didn’t know what else to say instead of an honest: “Thank you.”

“Mh-mh.” Tegoshi shook his head. “I just wanted to see your smiling face.” He blushed a bit and took a huge bite from his own fluffy cotton candy.” “Mmmh~ Delicious~”

Yamapi had to laugh. “Wait a moment, you have…” Gently he wiped a away some of the cotton candy on Tegoshi’s cheeks it off his fingers. Tegoshi blushed again. There it is, He thought happily. My excited heartbeat when he looks at me like this. Ah~ I’ve missed it.

And then, out of a sudden desire, Tegoshi reached out his free hand and shove it into Yamapi’s one, who looked at him with tiny surprise.

But then he smiled his warm smile and intertwined there fingers. They ate their cotton candy in silence. There was no need to say a thing.


Chapter 14 deshita~~
sorry it took me so long V___V
and thanks to all those lovely people always leaving a cheering, cute comment for me ♥

Maido Ari~
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [13/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

~ ~




Tegoshi sneaked out of their hotel room when Ryo went to the toilet. He needed a silent moment alone, though Ryo hadn’t said a word further for an hour now. But it was just his presence which didn’t let Tegoshi form a clear thought in mind, which didn’t let Tegoshi calm down.

The fact that Yamapi waited outside in the hallway for him wasn’t a great help either. But it was better than nothing at keeping his thoughts away from Ryo. “Hey, Pi-chan” Tegoshi said with as much enthusiasm he could summon. Yamapi sensed that something was troubling him immediately. “Tesshi, what’s wrong?”

“Am I really that easy to see through?” Tegoshi asked annoyed. “Am I really that unable to hide my feelings?” He pouted and dug his hands deep inside the pockets of his worn-out jeans.

“Yeah, you are.” Yamapi said honestly. “Right now it’s very clear you’re not satisfied.” Tegoshi rolled his eyes and Yamapi stopped chuckling immediately. “But maybe I just now that because I always watch you. I’m not sure.”

Tegoshi bristled, not happy with that answer at all. His angry angelic baby-face made Yamapi smile. “Oy, Tesshi, what’s wrong with you? You can talk to me, you know.”

Tegoshi lifted his head, an incredibly unsure look in his eyes. He watched Yamapi’s open, trustworthy face for a second. Then he sighed. “Actually there is no real reason. I’m just a bit confused, that’s all.”

“You’re often confused lately, deshou?”

Tegoshi sighed in an awful smile. “Guess so, ne~

Yamapi made a little pout. “I don’t want you to be confused.” He mumbled. “…or sad.” He looked down at his hands, suddenly blushing a bit. Tegoshi had to suppress a squeal. Was Yamapi really worrying that much about him? He couldn’t help but smiling brightly. His bad temper from a second ago was completely forgotten.

“Oh, Pi-chan~” he said and suddenly held out his arms and hugged Yamapi. “You’re always so kind to me~~

Yamapi was surprised by the unexpected embrace, but it made him happy, so he closed his arms around little Tegoshi gently. He hesitated for a moment. But then he made a choice. Now or never…that’s probably the best moment you can get! “It’s probably because…” Yamapi took a drew breath. “Because I like you so much.”

“Eh?” Tegoshi twitched back and out of the embrace. Full of disbelief he stared at Yamapi, whose face was deeply red. “W-What did you say?”

“I like you. I…I love you.”

“But…You too?” Tegoshi knew this was inappropriate and tactless, but he just couldn’t believe his ears. Yamapi sighed. “I know Ryo already confess, but…I just wanted to say it. I want you to know how I feel about you.”

Tegoshi just looked at him, unable to say a word. Yamapi waited vainly. After a while he resigned, stood up, wished Tegoshi a good night and left, looking back full of worry a few times, but Tegoshi didn’t move until the door behind him opened when Yamapi was already vanished from his view.

“There you are. I looked for y- Eh? What’s wrong, Yu-chan?” Ryo knelt down next to Tegoshi and turned him around to face him. “Yu-chan?”

But Tegoshi seemed to stare through Ryo, though he tried to force him to look into his eyes. “Hey, talk to me! Yu-chan, you’re scaring me! Please say a word.” Ryo sounded desperate as he shook Tegoshi’ tiny shoulders slightly. He seemed to be so far away… “What happened? Yu-chan, talk to me, please…” Worried Ryo laid his hands against Tegoshi’s cheeks, cupping his face. The sudden, comfortable warmth brought back a bit life into Tegoshi and his gaze cleared. “You’re finally looking at me…” Ryo sighed in relief. Though he didn’t say a word Ryo felt much better, now that Tegoshi didn’t seem to be paralyzed anymore. “Are you okay? You’re probably not, ne. Sorry, my mistake. Can you walk?”

Tegoshi shrugged helplessly.

“Okay.” Ryo smiled gently. “No problem, Yu-chan.” He stood up. “Look out, I’m lifting you up now, ne~” Carefully Ryo shove one hand under Tegoshi’s hollow of the knee and with the other one he held the slim back. With one smooth movement he lifted little Tegoshi up and brought him into their room. Totally suavely he put him down on the bed and under the blankets and covered him up. Tegoshi’s absent face made Ryo shiver, but he tried to hide his worry. He would have liked to know what happened to Tegoshi, but he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. Not now.

Ryo switched off the light and went to bed himself. He heard Tegoshi’s far too quite and calm breath. Ryo let out a little sigh. He wanted to hold Tegoshi’s hand or stroke his cheek, wanted to let him feel that it was okay, that he wasn’t alone, wanted to comfort him, to make him feel better. But he feared that Tegoshi wouldn’t like it.

So he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Around half an our later Ryo sensed Tegoshi was slightly moving. At least he was a bit lively again, which relieved Ryo a tiny little bit. But then he suddenly felt something clinging to him. A little hand shove between his arm and chest, slowly and hesitating. Ryo turned around carefully and found Tegoshi close to him. He could see his lost baby-face in the darkness.

“Hey…” Ryo whispered and gently stroke the hair out of Tegoshi’s forehead.

“Can I…?” Tegoshi nodded at his hands clinging Ryo and then looked up with begging puppy-eyes. “Please?”

Ryo sighed with a little smile. He hold out his own arms and warily pulled Tegoshi closer. “Sure.” He said and Tegoshi placed his head at Ryo’s shoulder.

Ryo didn’t know what had happened and he didn’t know why Tegoshi was so confused and upset. But there was one thing he knew for sure. That it made Tegoshi feel better to be hold by him.


Chapter 13 deshita~~ x3

green ryo-chan
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [12/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

~ ~





What was this feeling he had? His worries were blown away and he was thrilled. But it was out of complete different reasons. There was something new inside him he didn’t know. It made him hyper and smile and blush a lot, whenever Ryo was around. His heartbeat went faster, whenever Tegoshi sensed Ryo threw a gaze at him. He bit his lips with a smile whenever he noticed Ryo played close attention to him. His thoughts went crazy whenever Ryo was near enough to touch him by chance. It felt good to Tegoshi. Though it had a kind of wrong taste.

Yamapi was close to him nearly every moment Ryo was too. Tegoshi’s feelings towards Yamapi still were there deep inside him and he still had butterflies in his tummy when gentle calm Yamapi have him a sweet smile. In the dressing-room Yamapi sat on a chair, drinking a cup of coffee, his eyes fixed on Tegoshi who tried to perfect his look, and Ryo was standing next to him. Though Ryo seemed to be busy with closing his pants properly, Tegoshi noticed that both of them were ready to jump whenever he made a movement. Somehow it was nerve-racking to be observed that much. But it made him rather happy. Yamapi was finally paying attention to him the way he wished so long for, and Ryo watching him like a man watching his precious treasure felt…pleasing. He felt unwell to admit it, but it felt really like this. Pleasing. And this pleasingly feeling was something he’d missed so much for quite a while now. He just wondered whether it was because of Ryo or because of Yamapi.

“Five Minutes!” Staff-san shouted and left. Tegoshi looked around. Massu stuffed a last cookie into his mouth, Koyama was teased a last time by Shige, Ryo smiled happily and Yamapi seemed still very relaxed. It was the usual chaos which broke out just when Tegoshi wanted to say how much he loved this bunch of guys. Massu chocked an a crumb and as he wanted to get a glass of water he ran over Shige, who fell on Koyama, who bumped into the table of food. A lot of apples, rice and other snacks flew around the dressing-room and a piece of banana landed with a ‘plop’ in Yamapi’s cup of coffee and spilled some drops onto his nose. When Tegoshi wanted to help Shige and Koyama he tripped over his own feed, lost his balance and with a tiny squeal he closed his eyes, prepared for the thud. But right the moment he thought he would hit the ground he felt an arm wrapping around his waist, swirling him up and pressing him against a warm chest.

“Oy~” he heard Yamapi’s voice mixed with a suppressed smile. “Take care. We’re in a messy mood again here, ne~” Tegoshi opened his eyes. He laid in a strong pair of arms, which held him safely. Yamapi was watching his face closely and smiled gently at Tegoshi’s innocently blushed face. “Surprised?” Yamapi asked teasingly and adored Tegoshi’s expression. Their eyes met and time stood still. Tegoshi heard his heartbeat and felt Yamapi’s soft breath on his face. He had butterflies in his tummy when he realized that Yamapi really hold him in his arms, and that it was really Yamapi, who smiled at him with those gentle eyes of a dog and a drop of coffee at his nose.

They didn’t notice that Koyama and Shige got up in their feet and Massu survived his cookie with great difficulty. And they didn’t notice Ryo was staring at them the whole time.


The concert was over, everyone got dressed back into casual clothes. Shige, Massu and Koyama talked loudly and full of excitement in their dressing-room while getting their stuff packed. Ryo was just out organizing some food for Massu, who was starving. Even he had his moment of Member Ai. Tegoshi stood in front of the big mirror and was fixing his hair (again), when Yamapi walked slowly up to him until he stood behind Tegoshi.

“Ne, Tesshi…” he said in a low voice and laid his hands onto Tegoshi’s thin shoulders.

“Mh? What’s wrong?”

“Can I….Can I talk to you for a second?”

Tegoshi first looked at Yamapi in the mirror, then turned around, suddenly missing the tiny weight of his hands on his shoulders, and faced him. Yamapi smiled at him, but his eyes were serious behind the always gentle sparkle. “Sure you can.” Tegoshi said, the head in the neck, because they stood so close. He felt so tiny next to Yamapi’s strong, protecting stature.

“Now?” Tegoshi asked, but Yamapi shook his head. “Later. I wanna talk when….erm…alone, you know?”

Tegoshi’s heartbeat fastened. Yamapi looked unsure in a cute way as he rubbed his nose. “Just when it’s okay for you.”

“It’s definitely okay!” Tegoshi said quickly and put on a bright smile.

Yamapi let out a relieved sigh. “Woah, that makes me glad~ I feared you would say no.”

Tegoshi giggled. “Why should I do so?”

Yamapi shrugged. “I can think of a lot of reasons.” For a second his mimic darkened, but then he smiled as well. “Today was super fun, ne~ Though I messed up the lyrics.” He smirked in embarrassment.

“The girls liked it.” Tegoshi laughed. “And I liked it too~

“Hehe, maybe I should mess up more then.”

“Yeah, do so and I will fangirl you as well.”


Tegoshi watched Yamapi’s face. Was there really a glance of hop in it? He couldn’t help but put on a wide grin. “Really.” He said honestly, surprised by the fact he really admitted it.

Yamapi smiled brightly. “I will do my best then.”

Ryo came back that moment and Tegoshi twitched back from Yamapi at the sight of him.

“I got some soup for all of us” Ryo yelled with his wide cute smile and held up some bags from a little store he went to. “Come on as long as it’s still hot~

“Oh, Dinner-time” Tegoshi smiled with a nervous gaze at Yamapi, who did notice the change in Tegoshi’s behaviour. But before he could say a word the little one was already with the others and argues with Shige over a package of hot soup. Yamapi thought about the scene just a moment ago. Did he felt guilty because he talked so freely to me? We haven’t spoken like this in ages, I guess. He did enjoy out conversation as well…didn’t he? He asked himself and then narrowed his eyebrows, as he saw Tegoshi smiling happily at Ryo who sat next to him. With loud voices and giggling they started to sing Tegomass’ ‘Miso Soup’ as they dug in their chopsticks. There was something new between those two. Their whole relationship seemed to have changed. Shit! Yamapi thought. There’s already something going on.


Ryo stopped walking and turned around by the sound of Tegoshi’s happy voice. “Wait a moment!” Ryo smiled and waited. Of course he did. He would always wait for him. With his hands deep inside his pockets he stood there in the lobby till finally little Tegoshi arrived by his side.

“Ne, what’s up?” Ryo asked curiously and started walking slowly again to let Tegoshi catch up with him easily.

“Nothing.” Tegoshi answered with reddened cheeks. “I just wanted to walk a bit with you.” Tegoshi’s innocent way of looking at him made Ryo chuckle with amusement. It was obvious that there was more behind it.

“You can’t lie to me, Yu-chan.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Well, then you don’t know you do.” Ryo said self-confidently and smiled at Tegoshi’s confused mimic.

“How do you mean that?”

“Like I said.”

“But I don’t get it.” Tegoshi claimed and made pout. Ryo had to laugh. With a husky “Kawaii, ne~” he tousled through Tegoshi’s hair. “Come on, You’ll understand sooner or later.”

“Understand what?”

“You’re pretty stubborn, deshou?” Ryo chuckled.

Tegoshi didn’t know what to answer, so he said nothing as they headed into the elevator. He wasn’t satisfied with the silence between them. He kinda liked talking to Ryo. He sighed. “Can’t you give me a tiny hint?”

Ryo looked down at him, first chuckled again, then grinned, turned around and stepped further. “What would you do if I would tell you?” Tegoshi stepped back, he already felt the wall of the elevator behind him, but Ryo didn’t seem to mind. He was so close now…

“T-Tell me what?”

Ryo leaned down his head. Tegoshi forgot to breath when he felt Ryo’s soft lips gently touching his ear. He heard his heartbeat and felt the blood rushing through his veins. Ryo’s hot breath tickled his ear as he whispered: “You’re already falling in love with me…”

The door of the elevator opened with a harsh noise against the silence that had ruled in there for a while. “I’m right, am I?” And with that Ryo whirled around and walked out, down the hallway with big, confident steps. Tegoshi looked after him, unable to move.

Ryo’s words echoed in his head. And then, suddenly, he opened his eyes in shock, a quiet realization rising up within him.

Yabai…He thought. Is he…?


Chapter 12 deshita~~
thanks for your always so nice and supporting comments ♥ they are a great help and motivation *hugs for everyone*

green ryo-chan
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [11/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

~ ~



~ ~

Tegoshi luckily didn’t need to answer. Right in that moment the van stopped at the airport and everyone had to get out. Tegoshi was glad to get away from Yamapi for a moment and went with Massu to chat a bit. He felt as if he’d just slept a few hours, due to all the nerve-racking happenings. He knew both Yamapi and Ryo were paying close attention to him, and under different circumstances he would’ve been happy about taking the center stage. But all he felt was this nervous sting of being watched non-stop. He sensed their gazes in his neck. They stayed at the airport for an hour before they were called for their flight and although they all sat at a set of chairs in a group Tegoshi didn’t remember the slightest bit of the conversation afterwars. Everything which came into his mind had something to do with either Ryo or Yamapi. They were rotating in his mind up and down and around and around and he felt dizzy. He never thought so much about things like that.

That’s not normal anymore, he though as they passed the gate to their plane. What the heck is wrong with me?

He suddenly felt a slight grip at his waist, turning him into another direction. “Pay attention.” Ryo whispered into his ear and Tegoshi sensed the hair in his neck lifting up when the warm breath stroked the sensitive skin there. “You nearly bumped into that lady there. Where are you with your head?” He heard Ryo’s husky voice chuckling in a soft tone. Tegoshi just nodded without a word, still paralyzed by the sudden reactions his body made. He felt unable to find the way to his seat and he didn’t know why. Ryo guided him, his hand gently laying at Tegoshi’s slim waist. He knew it was hilarious that his heart beat so fast so out of the blue. It was just Ryo after all. And he promised to behave normal though Ryo confessed, didn’t he? He tried to calm himself down as he organized his bag and proofed the settings of his seat. Ryo sat next to him and their arms touched each other slightly. Tegoshi twitched as he would have gotten an electrical shock and blushed as Ryo gave him an “everything alright?”-gaze. Nothing was alright. He never felt such a severe, nerve-racking emotion in his tummy. He never felt this ticklish prickle behind his belly-button.

Though Ryo didn’t seem to sense it, Tegoshi was totally aware of the heat rising up between them and the tense that filled the air between their hot breathes. Every time Ryo made the tiniest movement Tegoshi smelled his comfortable manly fragrance which stroked his nose. He moved the head to the side and up, just to look into Ryo’s gentle smiling face. “Are you okay? You’re looking a bit pale.”

“I’m fine.” Tegoshi answered with clenched teeth and faked a grin. Ryo narrowed his eyes in disbelief and he stared at Tegoshi with a “Didn’t your mom teach you to not lie?”-sight, but didn’t say anything further.

The plane arrived an hour later and everybody jumped out in excitement, even Tegoshi who was influenced by happy Koyama. “Come on, bring it on! We are NEWS!” Koyama shouted as they walked through the airport and Staff-San had a hard time calming him and the crowd that recognized them down.

“Koyama!” Manager-San said with his deep impressing voice and Koyama shut up immediately. “One word further and you’ll go on stage in a pink Tutu today!”

Everybody laughed at Koyama’s shocked expression and Shige put on an evil smirk. “Are you imagining him in tights and short mini-tutu?” Ryo asked in a whispering voice, which made Shige first twitch and then blush into a deep red-tone. Ryo chuckled as he went ahead with Yamapi, Tegoshi and Massu, letting KoyaShige behind with their dirty thoughts. They got into the van waiting for them and were driven to the new hotel. Tegoshi again sat silently between Yamapi and Koyama. “Oy, Tesshi, what’s wrong?” Koyama asked full of member ai and laid his hand worrying onto Tegoshi’s skinny arm. “You seem pretty down…”

“Nothin in particular. My stomach feels a bit unwell due to the flight.”

“But you love flying.”

“I guess I’m getting old then.” Tegoshi smiled and both Yamapi and Koyama lifted and eyebrow. “If you are getting old, what the heck are we then? Dead Dinosaurs?”

Tegoshi couldn’t help but laughing. It was a load off Yamapi’s mind when he heard the cheering bursting sound and saw Tegoshi’s baby-cheeks blushing. “Ah~” he sighed in happy relief. “This is the Tesshi I so love.” He said and poked Tegoshi’s snub nose. Tegoshi blushed even more as he realized Yamapi’s words. He said he loves me in some kind of meaning!! He thought in excitement.

Right after they arrived at the hotel they rushed to the rehearsal of their second concert. It wasn’t as long as their first one, but tiring though. Despite how it looked on DVD a concert was hard work after all. Of course it was fun and the moment the guys went out on stage was the greatest one in their life every time again, so they ended their rehearsal with mixed feelings. On the one hand they were purely exhausted, on the other hand they were looking forward to the concert and it felt utterly good to work with the staff and to harmonize with everyone perfectly.

They still had some hours left before the actually concert would start and they gathered up in the hotel lobby.

“Wanna go eat something?” Koyama asked and looked curiously into the round.

“Yeah! Food!” Massu shouted and put his hands up in the air with his cutest happiest smile. But Shige and Ryo made a face. “Can’t we go tonight after the show has ended?” Ryo asked. “I mean, can’t we eat just some snacks now and short before the performance some staff-food and then have afterwards a great meal?”

Massu didn’t look that happy anymore, but after Yamapi, Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige agreed to Ryo’s idea he gave in. “Have no other choice then…” he murmured and Tegoshi patted his back with a cheerful smile. “You’re very strong, Massu. I’m proud of you.” He said honestly and full of innocence.

So the group went to their different hotel-rooms. Tegoshi felt a little nervous as he followed Ryo-chan through the hallways, but he tried to calm himself down. It’s just Ryo. Nothing changed. He’s still Ryo after all. And though he might have…feelings for me, nothing’s gonna happen.

Ryo felt that something was concerning Tegoshi, but he didn’t know what to say and how. He was aware that his sudden confession took Tegoshi by surprise. But it was said now and Tegoshi had to handle with it. It was important that he would understand in order to let Ryo win, who didn’t knew that Yamapi had one big advantage over him.

Right when they entered their hotel-room Ryo threw his bag onto the bed and pulled his shirt of hiss body. Tegoshi blushed at the view of Ryo’s naked trained torso. Gosh, he looks good! He thought and blushed even further about the fact he really stared at Ryo’s well-seen muscles.

“Do you want to take a shower first?”


Ryo chuckled. He had to suppress a wide grin because he knew he caught Tegoshi red-handed by checking his body out. “You’re really lost in thoughts today, ne~ I wanted to know whether you want to take a shower first or not.”

“Oh…” Tegoshi made with big eyes. “If you don’t mind I want to shower first.”

“Okay.” Ryo smiled. “Then go on.”
Tegoshi smiled back. “Thanks.” Ryo was as friendly as before. Nothing has changed, he said to himself again and felt better, as he placed his package onto a chair next to the nightstand. He wanted to doff his hoody, but simply couldn’t pull it off his head. “Shit…” he mumbled as he tore and yanked. He heard an amused giggle, some steps and then felt someone grabbing his hoody. “Come on. Arms up.” Ryo said gently, Tegoshi did as he was told and Ryo took the hoody off his head like a toddler. “See, it’s easy like this.” Ryo teased and gave Tegoshi his hoody, who had deep red cheeks. Ryo let out a husky laugh. “No need to be embarrassed. It’s okay.” And he tousled through Tegoshi’s hair, turned him into the direction where the bathroom was and gave him a little shove. “Go.” Ryo said with a caring smile in his voice. Tegoshi looked back at him as he walked to the bathroom with a pout He nearly ran into the doorframe and Ryo couldn’t help but laughing. Tegoshi blushed a bit, but then shrugged it off with a shyly, cute smile. As he closed the door behind him he was surprised by how much his mood has changed. He feared first the moment he ought to be alone with Ryo, but unexpectedly it felt good. It was easy to be spoilt by Ryo and it made him feel light when Ryo smiled at him.

“See Tegoshi” he told himself as he stepped under the shower. “Didn’t I say everything’s gonna be okay?” He felt relieved as the warm water poured down on him and he hummed the melody of ‘Taiyou no Namida’. By the time he finished the song he also stopped the water, put a white towel around his waist and one around his shoulders so the water could drip down off his hair. He smiled at himself in the mirror. It felt so damn comfortable to smile after all and he laid his head to the said and said: “You’re simply worrying too much. There’s no need to.” And then he shouted at Ryo outside: “You can get ready. I’m done~

“Hai, hai~” was the dimmed answer and Tegoshi smiled again. Back to normal, he thought. Or even better. He collected his used clothes in his arms, opened the door and hopped outside, right into Ryo’s arms, who already waited there. “Watch out~” he heard as he bumped into Ryo’s chest and both nearly lost balance if Ryo wouldn’t be much stronger than little Tegoshi. Out of reflex Ryo put his arms around Tegoshi so he wouldn’t fall down. “Ough. Tegoshi made and his forehead leaned against Ryo’s collarbone. He felt Ryo’s skin at his naked shoulders. Silence. And then Ryo chuckled.

“What are you laughing about?” Tegoshi asked and wondered about the warm prickle in his stomach as he noticed that he liked the sound of Ryo’s chuckle. He lifted his head to look up at Ryo’s gentle smiling face. He knew it would be already time to loosen the embrace there were in, but he surprisingly didn’t want to. It was a different feeling of embrace than the one Ryo and he had yesterday before the confession. This time it had a different meaning in it. A meaning Tegoshi, which kind of shocked himself, didn’t fear.

“It’s okay.” Ryo said in a low, soft tone.


“It’s okay.” Ryo repeated and felt like he had to dote on Tegoshi’s innocent puppy-expression. “Didn’t you told this yourself just a second ago in there?”

Tegoshi blushed a bit and hid his face behind his hair by letting his head down a bit. “You heard?”

“Exposed.” Ryo chuckled with his husky voice. “You’re so easy to see through, Yu-chan.” He said, poked Tegoshi’s cheeks gently, turned around him and before Tegoshi could even blink Ryo was already behind the closed bathroom-door.

And he stood there, with big round eyes and stared after him in surprise. “…Yu-chan…?”

~ ~

Chapter 11 deshita~~

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the actual Scan:

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changed into b/w

green ryo-chan
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [10/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues

[chapter 1]
[chapter 2]
[chapter 3]
[chapter 4]
[chapter 5]
[chapter 6]
[chapter 7]
[chapter 8]
[chapter 9]


“Oy, Tegoshi! We’re gonna be late!” Ryo knocked on the bathroom-door.

“Go ahead.” Was the dimmed answer, a scratchy un-tesshi-like voice.

“Are you okay?”


Ryo sighed. He could have slapped himself for blabbing out his confession without considering his position and situation. He so wished to take it back, but words can’t be made unspoken. He wished he could at a least apologize but he wouldn’t b sincere when he would say he was sorry. And anyway, sorry for what? For loving him? Never. For saying out loud? He would have done so sooner or later anyway.

“Come on, Tegoshi.” He said and knocked again. “You can’t stay in there forever. And you will see me downstairs ate the latest. No matter what, you can’t escape.” Ryo thought for a moment. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He added and made a grimace. If he would be Tegoshi he would definitely be scared right now. “Ne…Are you listening?”

Again there was a big silence before there came a low “Yes…”

Ryo sighed, then he cleared his throat: “Do you need some time?”

“Think so.”

“Shall I really go ahead?”

“Yes, please.”

“Are you okay?” Ryo asked again and this time Tegoshi answered. “I hope so.”

This wasn’t the thing Ryo hoped for either. “If you need something I’ll be there, ne…Though I’m probabl the person you want to be there for you the least.” Then he turned around and wanted to leave, but the sound of a door clicking made him stop. He whirled around to see if Tegoshi would come out after all, but the door was just opened a little crack. “Don’t get me wrong” Tegoshi’s voice was nearly a whisper. “I don’t hate you or something like that. And I won’t avoid you. I just need a moment for me to get over it, okay?” Ryo nodded till he realized that Tegoshi couldn’t see it. “Yes, I understand.”


“I am the one who should say that.” And with that Ryo left the room to give Tegoshi the time he needed.


“You’re so different today.” Yamapi said and Tegoshi looked up. They were driving in the can to the airport for the next location of their concert tour, sitting in the same order as two days before. Koyama was listening to music, Shige, Ryo and Massu in the front-row were playing cards. Tegoshi sat next to Yamapi and hasn’t lost a word till now. He seemed so far away with his mind, and when his eyes met Yamapi’s it looked like they needed a second to find back the way into the van. “Are you okay?” Yamapi asked with a little worry in his voice.

Tegoshi thought for a moment, struggling with him whether he should say the truth or not, and then he sighed. “I’m not sure…” he admitted. With a distressed gate he tousled through his hair.


“A bit.”

“You often have one recently.”

“How do you know?” Tegoshi asked. Yamapi chuckled gently. “It’s not hard to tell with your open-hearted baby-face.” He answered and poked Tegoshi’s nose. “It’s nothing easier than reading you facial expression.”

“What do you read now?” Tegoshi wanted to know since he didn’t know himself how he really felt.

“Problems. Something’s troubling you.”

Tegoshi’s eyes went down. With a deep sigh he fold his hands in his lap.

“You don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to.” Yamapi said insightfully and smiled gently. Tegoshi lifted his head to look into his friendly face. “I think I need to tell it somebody.” He answered quietly and threw a nervous gaze to the front-row, but the guys were still completely attracted by their game. Ryo grinned happily when he won and made a peace-sign, winking at Koyama.

“Shige lost.” Tegoshi whispered and smiled a bit. It felt good to smile. These guys could always rise up his mood. “Probably because of Ryo-chan, ne~

“Yeah, he’s such a sleeky cheater-kid when it comes to scoring Shige off.” Yamapi replied. “I hope they don’t play about stripping or something like that again.”

“Are you worried we’ll have to endure a half-naked Shige again?” Tegoshi asked with amusement and Yamapi chuckled. “Yeah, I’m fearing he will get used to it. Next concert tour he will demand that his striptease becomes a regular. If that’s gonna happen I will stand up as the leader first time, I swear. Haha…” Yamapi stopped laughing and looked down at Tegoshi, who was back to his previous self. “Ah~” he sighed and tousled through the younger ones soft hair. “Don’t be so gloomy. It makes me sad, Tesshi.”

“I’m sorry, Yamashita-kun.”



“I’m Pi-chan or you. Did you forget?” With his gentle dark eyes he fixed Tegoshi’s worried face. “Are you gonna tell me what troubles you?” he asked innocently and with an utterly peacefully voice.

Tegoshi sighed. “I don’t know whether your are the right person to talk to about that…” he admitted and blushed a bit.


“Personal matter..?”


“Don’t get me wrong. I won’t mean it in a bad way.”

“It’s okay. You have your reason. Everyone has.”

“Maah~” Tegoshi let out a whiny whim. “You’re always so understanding and nice.”

“Sounds full of reproach…” Yamapi said with a little pout.

“You don’t make it easier for me that way.”

“What easier? I can’t follow you.”


“What did Ryo do to you?” Yamapi suddenly sounded angry and looked as if he was in his Kurosagi-Role again.

“He did nothing to me.” Tegoshi tried to calm Yamapi down. “Not directly. He just…said…said that he loves me…?” He couldn’t precent that it turned out in a question. “I’m not sure how he meant it.”

“What do you think how he meant it?”

“I said I don’t know, deshou? That’s why I am so confused…”

Yamapi looked down at Tegoshi who was despondent and let out a deep sigh again. You can fill a whole CD with the sighs he let out the last few days…Yamapi thought ironically and the said: “And how do you feel about it?”

“About what?”

“His confession.”

“If I would know that I wouldn’t be so confused. It somehow – well, I think it’s the wrong word, but it makes me happy.” Yamapi stopped breathing. “But on the other hand…I already have one I love…”

Yamapi couldn’t help but gasping. “You do?” he asked with a deep shock in his voice. He already thought that Ryo was a hard concurrent. But another one? He felt panic slowly rising up within him.

“I do…” Tegoshi blushed, half of his face hidden by his fluffy soft hair.

Yamapi feared the question, but he had to ask though: “Who?”


Chapter 10 deshita~~
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green ryo-chan

Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [9/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues





Their first concert was a huge success. The fans went crazy over them, Ryo messed up his solo, but after a cute smile and a “Wuah, gomen ne
~” the audience let out a big “Kyaaa~” and Ryo made a highlight for their DVD. Koyama danced the wrong moves and everybody scolded him during the MC, even Yamapi teased him. Shige created a huge fan-scream when he did his infamous famous “Kuchizuke wo~” and Massu complained during the MC that he was starving so that Ryo felt his duty to cut him off immediately. Tegoshi ran from one member to another, smiling like a dork and sang with his angelic voice his heart our. And Yamapi was as handsome as ever and heated up the crowd as he sang ‘Daite Senorita’ and ‘Seishun Amigo’.

Everybody had this utterly high, overwhelming feeling. We are NEWS.

During the encore everybody did things as he wanted, which ended up with half-naked KoyaPi, wet Shige, Ryo piggy-backing Tegoshi again, everybody singing the song-parts as he wished and Massu wearing all the shirts and clothes Koyama and Yamapi dressed off. The stage was a huge mess and Shige bumped more than once into a Jr. and Tegoshi and Ryo whacked him for not paying attention to his Kouhai’s everytime they passed him.

After the encore was over everyone held each other’s hand. Tegoshi held Massu’s. Massu held Ryo’s. Ryo held Yamapi’s. Yamapi held Koyama’s. And Koyama held Shige’s. And as the platform they stood on slowly went down they smiled at each other.


Of course they celebrated together till late night. But this time most of all Yamapi and Ryo stayed away from too much alcohol, and especially Tegoshi was grateful for that. Another night with drunken Ryo and he would’ve declared his own withdrawal from NEWS.

So everything went perfectly smooth and everybody ended up in their bed, exhausted, but happy.

“Ne, Tesshi?” Ryo suddenly spoke as he and covered himself up-

“Mmmh.” Tegoshi was nearly asleep and turned around to Ryo’s face with half-opened, heavy eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just that…Well, how do I put it?” Ryo felt his cheeks blushing.

“Spit it out…” Tegoshi sighed exhausted. It was damned hard for him to keep his eyes open. He yawned and didn’t even have the power to hide it.
”You’re tired, ne…I don’t wanna stop you from sleeping…” Ryo mumbled, totally left from courage as he heard Tegoshi’s tiny hum. “Was it important?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Tegoshi nodded, though he didn’t know whether Ryo could see it through the darkness. So he closed his eyes in relief, thankful that Ryo was so kind to let him sleep. Probably he would’ve forgotten what he wanted to tell him till tomorrow if he would’ve had done so now. Tegoshi dug himself further into his pillow and blanket and breathed out in satisfaction.

And then he felt it again. The little grip of somebody touching his fingers gently. Tegoshi was sure Ryo was still awake, but his tongue was too lame to ask what this was about. And it wasn’t uncomfortable, yet it felt a bit weird to let Ryo hold his fingers. If I would be fully awake right now, Tegoshi thought, I would definitely be confused again…

But he wasn’t fully awake anymore, so he let it be, let Ryo grab his fingers slightly and fell asleep.


“Oy, sleepy baby~

“Let me sleep…”

“I don’t even think about that.”


“Tesshi~ Come on, wake up!”

“Don’t wanna…Let go of my blanket.”

Ryo chuckled. Tegoshi dug his head further into his big fluffy pillow, hoping Ryo would be silent. “Too early…” he claimed and tried to pull his blanket out of Ryo’s hand, because his shoulders froze. “That’s unfair~ I’m still so tired, Ryo-chan…”

“You slept the whole night like a bear. I don’t believe you can still sleep. How old are you? 72?”

Tegoshi mumbled something not understandable as a reply and Ryo knelt down in front of his side of the bed. “Ne, Tesshi, if you don’t wake up soon Massu will eat everything of your portion for breakfast as well. I don’t mind leaving out a meal, but I would worry about you not eating properly. You already are so skinny.”

“Are you complaining about my weight again?” Tegoshi asked as he turned himself to the side so he could face Ryo.

“I’m just saying that I’m worrying about you…” Ryo said honestly. “So would you please stand up now to get ready?” He put on his sweetest smile and laid his head to the side. “Please?”

Tegoshi didn’t believe his ears. Was Ryo begging him? Ryo? The Ryo?

With a quick move he lifted his head, something for which Ryo seemed to have waited for. So fast Tegoshi didn’t even realized it Ryo put his arms around Tegoshi’s little shoulders and squeezed him against his chest.

“What are you doing?!” Tegoshi squealed in surprise and in the next moment he wriggled in Ryo’s gentle but tight hug in laughter, when Ryo started to tickle his sides. “Wuaah~ Stop it!” he pleaded giggling and tried to wrest himself out of the embrace.

“First say ‘Please, Ryo-tan’!”

“P-Please, Please Ryo-t-t-tan!” Tegoshi spluttered out and squealed again. Ryo smiled. It was still the sound of a happy child he heard in Tegoshi’s high-pitched voice. Not the laugh he always showed off on TV, but a laugh which was utterly charming and so innocent, so deeply innocent. And it made Ryo’s heart beat so fast. “What are you gonna give me if I stop?” he asked and enjoyed Tegoshi digging his head into his chest as he tried to escape. “I-I- don’t know. What d-d-do you- do you want?”

Ryo didn’t even need to think about that. “Kiss.”


„Kiss.“ Ryo said again with so much confidence he never thought to have himself. Tegoshi in his arms began to have a tummy-ache due to the unstoppable laughter. Totally defeated he gave in: “Okay. I’ll give you a kiss, but please s-stop!” Immediately Ryo let go of him. Tegoshi sighed and laid at his chest with heavy breath, trying to calm down. He needed a moment till he could speak normal again, and Ryo waited with the patience of an angel. They stayed silence, just Tegoshi’s breath filled the light air in the room.

“Ne…are you serious?”

“I am…”

Tegoshi took two deep breaths again. “A kiss?”

“A kiss.”

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t rape me?”

“A kiss counts as rape?”

Tegoshi sighed. Then he simply asked: “Why?”

“What do you think why I would want a kiss for?” Ryo asked back and felt Tegoshi’s hair stroking the skin at his throat. He was glad they weren’t sitting face to face. Not just because he was so near to Tegoshi this way, but also he was sure he wouldn’t have the courage for that if he had to look into Tegoshi’s cute puppy-eyes. Again nobody of them said a word and Ryo would have given his right arm to be able to hear Tegoshi’s thoughts. But he couldn’t and so he was condemned to wait for an answer. Finally Tegoshi opened his mouth to speak again. But not to say what Ryo had hoped for. “You said Massu’s gonna eat my portion? Better I get ready then, ne…?” he nearly whispered and crawled unnecessary complicated away from Ryo and out of the bed. He didn’t even dare looking up as he searched in his bag for fresh new clothes. He seemed really busy finding a second matching sock. Ryo just watched him, suddenly paralyzed with the fear that he did something wrong.

“I’ll go take a shower.”

“Wait a moment!” Ryo spoke without even thinking. All what mattered something right now was the fact to not leave Tegoshi with a false impression. Now or never.

“Can you wait till I’m done?” Tegoshi cut him off before he even could speak up.

“No. Probably not. Remember? I wanted to tell you something yesterday.”

“Mh.” Tegoshi had all his clothes piled up in his arms. “I’m sorry Ryo, please wait. I really have to go to the toilet.” It was a lie and he hated lies, but he feared the confusion and headache rising up inside him again if he would let himself think about the situation right now. He needed a bit distance. Immediately. “I’m sorry, Ryo-chan.” And he went to the bathroom as fast as he could, throwing a final glance at Ryo who still sat on the bed looking at him with a terrible, heartbreakingly face. Tegoshi tried to close the door behind himself before something even more awkward could happen, but Ryo already said it in that second.

“Tegoshi…I love you…” In a loud clear voice the words echoed in the room and Tegoshi stood there, the back pressed against the door, the fingers clenched into his clothes at his chest, right there were he felt so terribly different right now. Yabai…Why is my heart pounding so fast?


Chapter 9 deshita~~
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green ryo-chan

Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [8/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues



Tegoshi was confused. Something was wrong here. Really wrong. It’s been two hours since the rehearsal has started and there was an odd atmosphere every time Ryo or Yamapi, or in the worst case scenario both, were near to him. Usually NEWS’ rehearsals were fun and exhausting. But today it was just exhausting for him. Most of the time two or three of them were sitting together on the stage or walking around the platforms, laughing and chatting together while the rest studied their parts and dance steps to perfectionism. This time was different. Of course KoyaShige stuck together like a couple of grandparents and Massu accompanied him wherever he went to, but whenever it was time for a song or dance with whole NEWS or moments to pair up with either Yamapi or Ryo, Tegoshi got goose bumps. And he didn’t know why. That was what confused him so much. Usually NEWS was the part of his life he felt nearly the most comfortable with (except his family and soccer). But now he felt like that had somehow changed. Somehow he got the thought that Yamapi and Ryo were fighting over something that conquered him. It was a stupid thought, he knew that. He would never be so important to be the reason for a fight between such good friends like RyoPi. But of course he saw every now and then how they narrowed their eyes whenever the other one was near to him. He worried about what he could have done to raise up such a hassle between them.

He sighed. Maybe it’s just my imagination…he tried to cheer himself up, yet this hope was nothing he relied on. But he tried to throw these thoughts away and concentrated at the concert plan in his hands. Cross-legged sitting at the stage, Massu next to him while KoyaShige was doing their ‘Chirarizumu’, he followed the listed songs with his eyes and started to count the ones he had to sing with Ryo or Yamapi.

“Weeeek, Bambina, Best Friend, Fiesta, Cherish, Teppen…” he mumbled to himself and sighed again. “Why am I even counting? This is a NEWS-Concert. Of course I will sing most of the time with everybody…” He let out a whiny hum as he realized he never felt so down before a concert. I love my members…And now…Why is my heart so afraid? “Well, at least there are some Tegomass-Songs as well…” With a little pout he placed his chin between his hands and watched Ryo starting with his solo ‘ordinary’

They didn’t changed into their concert outfits yet, since it was the first rehearsal. The second one would begin after lunch and everything would have to be like the real concert. So Ryo stood in the middle of the main-platform in just casual worn-out jeans and a hoody, his favourite cap the other way round on top of his head. They were still allowed to make a few mistakes and just on cue Ryo messed up and Koyama laughed loudly into his microphone. From far away spots around the concert hall chuckles and bristles echoed bit by bit, first Shige, then Yamapi, Tegoshi and Massu.

“Oy, don’t make fun of me!” Ryo yelled and pointed across the stage at Koyama, who still giggled.

“Sorry, Ryo-chan. It’s just that you always make the mistake there.”

Ryo pouted, something unusual, instead of snapping back.

“Eh?!” Massu shouted shocked into his microphone as a reply and asked with big round eyes: “No teasing?!”

“Got a problem with it?”


Tegoshi chuckled again and Ryo turned around to him, a little smile on his lips, and Tegoshi couldn't help but smiling back. Then Ryo started over with ‘ordinary’. After his solo whole NEWS gathered up on stage for ‘Koi Yake’. Tegoshi wondered every time how this song was able to rise up his mood so suddenly and with such a high effect. Out of the blue he jumped and did his best and it felt good to be so full of energy. He loved this song, it was somehow touching him to the deepest bottom of the heart. Singing was something which stopped him from worrying about his problems and made him utterly happy. Maybe that was why he loved NEWS so much. “’Here it comes~~’”

Till the end of the rehearsal he didn’t lose his high mood and was totally satisfied. He even forgot about Ryo and Yamapi and clung to both of them every now and then. “I am SO looking forward to the concert!” he shouted as everyone went to the dressing room and impetuously he hugged Koyama from the back. “I’m glad to sing with you on stage again~

“I think everyone is, ne~” Shige said and pulled Tegoshi off from his Koyama, who smiled happily. “Member Ai~~” He raved about this scene. “Minna DAISUKI!” Massu, Ryo, Yamapi and Shige blushed, but Tegoshi threw his arms up in the air and yelled: “I love you too!”

“Do you love me too?” Ryo asked and Tegoshi nodded. “Mh, of course!”

“Me too?” Pi wanted to now, a slight too-serious look on his face. Tegoshi nodded again. “Mh. And I love Shige too. And my Massu. Chuchuu~” He rubbed Massu’s chubby cheeks and both laughed.

Yamapi and Ryo sighed synchronically, glanced at each other and cleared their throats. Then they looked at Tegoshi, who went ahead of them, surrounded by Koyama, Shige and Massu.

“He’s happy.” Pi said and Ryo nodded. “Ah, he is. Feels good, ne~


They stayed silent for a while as they followed the rest.

“Ne, Pi. We’re friends after all, aren’t we?”

“Of course.”

“Though we love the same person?”


“Though one of us might lose?”

“We’ll stay friends. Though one of us will lose.”

“That’s good, Pi. That’s good.”

They looked at each other and smiled, and both felt relieved.

Though there was the bet between them, they didn’t want to risk their friendship. They had worried that they might lose each other, the same as they worried to lose Tegoshi to the other one. But now that they knew that they felt the same even about their friendship their battle rose up to completely different conditions. Friends are fighting fair.



“Promise me?”

“Yeah, I promise. We’ll stay friends.”

“Thanks…Now I feel better.”

“Same as me, Pi. Exactly the same.”


Chapter 8 deshita~~

green ryo-chan
Title: The bet - or such a thing called love
Chapter: [7/?]
Pairing: RyoTego/TegoPi
Genre: romance, drama
Rating: PG-13 (i think...?)
Summary: Ryo-chan and Yamapi bet that one of them will win Tegoshi's heart, both confident that they will win. So a rancorous fight begins, in which both use even the worst methods to better each other, not knowing, that Tegoshi, who stands between them, slowly sinks into despair because of his confused heart....
Disclaimer: Nothing of this like persons, names, places, buildings etc. belongs to me, except the storyline and the weird dialogues



Sorry it took me so long, winter holidays are over and school is trying to kill me~~


“Knock-Knock.” Tegoshi shouted and opened the door of the hotel-room Koyama and Yamapi shared. It looked pretty much the same as his and Ryo’s one. Big room, light-colored walls, a gigantic window, on the right side of it a closet, next to it a chair and the door that led to the bathroom. On the left side the two beds moved together as one and in the corner next to Tegoshi was a couch and two armchairs. It was quite similar, except that here on the floor laid a lot of clothes.

Koyama sat on the couch, flipping a magazine. He looked up as Tegoshi entered the room with his shiny I-am-the-cutest-boy-in-the-world-smile. “Ohayou Tesshi!” he said friendly smiling as always and asked: “Why are you here so early in the morning?”

“I just wanted to see you two.” Tegoshi answered innocently and looked around the hotel-room. “Where’s Pi-chan?”

“Still asleep.” With a tiny sigh Koyama pointed at the little hill of blankets and pillows on the bed which moved slightly up and down due to breathing. Tegoshi chuckled. “Ryo already warned me that he is a late-riser.”

“Yeah, I already tried to wake him up 2 or…3-4 times? Impossible! This guy is really hardcore! It’s like talking to a stone.”

“Really?” Tegoshi lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

“Mh. I tried everything. I whacked him, I spattered water on him, I tried to pull away the blankets, and all he did was moaning, grumbling and slapping! We have to meet in twenty minutes and all he does is laying there like such an innocent angel, but if you get near to him he’ll kill you without opening an eye. Nonono. I prefer staying away even if this means to let him oversleep.” Koyama said and looked at his watch. “Well…it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s late again, ne~

“But it would be unfair if we let him sleep…”

“I know, but look! He’s completely knocked out!”

Tegoshi stepped further to the bed. Yamapi laid under a thick layer of blankets and just his hair and nose poked out.

“You can try to wake him up, Tesshi, but don’t have high hopes and don’t claim afterwards I didn’t tell you the risks.” Koyama stood up. “I will go and search Shige. I somehow missed him this night, ne~ And I don’t want to be here if he might wake up. Ryo-chan once told me that Pi can be really sadistic in the morning.” With a cheering Koyama-typical smile he left the room, thumbs up, and Tegoshi looked at the bed in front of him. Silently he knelt down so his eyes were on line with were Yamapi’s face was hidden under one of the tons of blankets. He listened to the steady, calm and regular breath. It was a wonderful, pleasant sound. He could’ve listened to it forever. But just in this moment Yamapi moved and his head came out of the blankets. He smacked and placed his face on a pillow near the edge of the bed. He still was sound asleep, dreaming like a baby. He looked so peaceful Tegoshi wanted to marvel at his face for hours.

But he knew they were running out of time. So he moved closer, leaned forward and placed his lips at Yamapi’s ears. “Pi-chan~ Wake up~” he whispered, using as much breath as he could and enjoyed the following reaction. Like bitten from a snake Yamapi woke with a start and held his ear. Tegoshi had to hide his mouth in order to not burst out into laughter.

“Wuah, Shit! That’s the worst!” Yamapi mumbled, rubbing his ear as if the creepy feeling would disappear that way. Right that moment he noticed somebody sitting next to him and twitched back in shock. Just then he realized it was Tegoshi. “Man, you’ve surprised me!” he said, the fright still deep insight his bones. Tegoshi put on his most innocent look and grinned. “Got you~~” he smiled and ducked before Yamapi could slap a pillow into his face.

“Omae!” Yamapi yelled, trying to sound angry.

“You can’t be mad at me.” Tegoshi still had his dorky smile from one ear to the other. And he was darn right. Yamapi wasn’t the one who got angry at other people easily anyway, but as he saw little Tegoshi in front oh him, he nearly melted. He couldn’t stop himself from cupping Tegoshi’s face between his hands. It seemed so teeny-tiny next to his own, big fingers. Gently he stroke Tegoshi’s slightly chubby cheeks.


“Sssht…Just a second.”

Tegoshi didn’t move, blushing around his nose. His heartbeat was so fast he feared it would suddenly stop due to strain. With widely opened eyes he stared into Yamapi’s serious face. He nearly lost in his deep, dark eyes.

But then Yamapi already let him go and Tegoshi slumped down with a little sigh. He forgot to breath and now he knew why his heart beat so fast. He was so confused he began to stutter: “P-P-P-Pi….E-E-E-Eh?” He didn’t even have the power to bring out a ‘nande’.

Yamapi chuckled and didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. He looked extremely calm and cool as ever.

“I just wanted to show you something since you seem not willing to tell me something about the task I wanted you to think about.” He said seriously and fixed Tegoshi’s puppy-eyes, who couldn’t help himself from getting goose-bumps. But not the scary ones. It was comfortable, rising up somewhere in his fingertips going over his back to the toes. He felt the warm blood flushing into his cheeks again.

It was that very moment when Tegoshi finally decided to tell what he feels, when Koyama, Shige, Massu and Ryo bumped into the hotel-room. Like hardened criminals the two of them twitched and drove away from each other.

“Oy, you woke him up!” Koyama yelled full of joy. “Great Job, Tesshi!”

Yamapi looked completely cool and normal at the others, but Tegoshi’s eyes darted to Ryo like a kid which has been caught at eating forbidden cookies. He didn’t know himself why he had that guilty savor in his stomach as he saw Ryo’s grimly expression.

“Hora, Pi! Get out of the bed!” Shige said and pulled the blankets away. “Hey~~” Yamapi claimed. He just laid there in his boxer’s.

“What?” Koyama asked. “Shige’s right. We have to meet up in twelve minutes! We don’t want to be late again because of you.”

Grumbling like a gnome Yamapi pared himself out of the blankets. It was not the fact that their meeting was so soon, but his feeling that Tegoshi had wanted to tell him something important, which made him feel a bit angry at the rest of his members…OhOH


Chapter 7 deshita~~
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just dropped by at this link:  prillalar.com/drabbles/
And couldn't stop myself from trying it out imediately xDD
and read what I created XDD

"The Hilarious Terror Of The Snow

It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Jin and Kame went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Jin hit Kame in his eye with a big bitter iceball. It hurt a lot, but Jin kissed it funny and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really big snow man!" Jin said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Kame said. "That would be more adorable and politically correct."

"I know," Jin said. "We can make a snow dog. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

So they rolled the snow up shiny and made a depressed snow dog. Jin put on a phone for the toe. The dog was almost as big as Kame.

"It looks hot," Jin said jolly. "But it seems like it's missing something."

"Here," Kame said and held up a stupid brain. "I found this under the blanket." He put the brain onto the dog's head.

It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the dog, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl out of the blue.

Kame screamed sexy and ran but the snow dog chased him until he tripped over a tree root. Then the snow dog slapped him simply.

"Nobody does that to my little Cool Shit," Jin screamed. He grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow dog through the chest. It fell down and Jin kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

"You saved me!" Kame said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

The brain lay in the yard until a sweet child picked it up and took it home."

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